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BeninQ Puzzlewise

BeninQ Learnings system of early learning bases itself on World renowned theory of multiple intelligences. The theory explains use of different intelligences that exist in the brain which can be used at the same time to complement the others ability. This is directed towards establishing an aspect that a student can learn, remember and perform in ways different from the other.

  • Begin to understand their ability to improve in managing their own learning
  • Begin to understand their ability to value their individual strengths
  • Enables the child to improve their overall self-learning ability
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BeninQ Super Learners

Each child is unique. Our priority is teaching children the skills they need for nurturing intellectual growth so that they can thrive on their own. Our intensive programs focus on developing core learning abilities and potential in each student by providing the support to face 21st century challenges.

  • Helps students build transferable problem-solving and study skills that they can apply in any subject
  • Enables students to build upon previous knowledge and ideas. This teaches students to make connections and apply new concepts to what they already know
  • With a deeper understanding of topics and stronger learning skills, students can approach schoolwork with enthusiasm and confidence
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Providing a child the knowledge of values, teaching the need for empathy and emotional intelligence along with personality development to make the child mentally strong and independent, through their formative years, particularly for the ones aged between 5 to 8years.

Teaching your child good morals may be one of the greatest challenges of parenthood. Morals are complex and abstract, and are a concept that is often difficult for children to grasp. And because morals can differ across cultures and religions, it can be even more complex to explain to children why the morals your family lives by are important and valuable.

  • Academic success
  • Fewer behavioral problems and Less emotional distress.
  • Positive social behavior
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