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Studio Learnings

BeninQ Studio is an idea that imbibes the idea of edutainment into learning. These boutique studios are exclusive learning spaces for children from the ages of 2 to 15 to unleash their curiosity, question their concepts and test them in a completely new environment.

By incorporating various stages of learning for kids depending on their age, this studio helps them strengthen their fundamentals of STEM and makes them life-long learners.


Designed, managed and operated by the company, BeninQ Studios will have teachers who will take specialised approach to training a child based on his/her competencies. What’s more? Parents are kept in the loop about the child’s progress while allowing the child to grow away from their gaze, in a learning environment that is joyful.

Studio Learnings

Why choose our after-school program?

  • Space designed exclusively considering children’s interests and learning needs
  • Special trainers to track the progress of child in a stress-free environment
  • Special attention paid to every child along with regular feedback to parents
  • Group sessions to encourage building relationships with other kids
  • Enhances the child’s learning potential, beyond classrooms and away from home
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